A Man of Intelligence

A Man of Intelligence

By: General Charles P. Cabell, USAF (1903-1971) Edited by: BG Charles P. Cabell Jr., USAF (Retired)

‘The President has directed that the air strikes scheduled for tomorrow morning be canceled!’ This was the message telephoned to me at the Washington Headquarters for the Cuban Operation at about 9:30 P.M. on 16 April 1961. At the other end of the telephone was Mr. McGeorge Bundy, President Kennedy’s Assistant for National Security Affairs… This peremptory change of orders struck me like a falling bomb…This placed us in the position of a high trapeze performer told, while in mid-air between two trapezes, to turn around and return to the one he had just left – and there was no net below.’

Story Overview

This is an excerpt from the section on the Bay of Pigs. In this section, the author, then Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, breaks a long silence concerning what went on: in the planning, the operation, and the aftermath of one of the most interesting chapters of American history. But the book is about more than just the Bay of Pigs. This is the autobiography of a truly remarkable man, that few people are aware of: not because he deserved obscurity, but because he was so self-effacing. His accomplishments were many and profound, yet he cared little for credit. In fact, much of the book is devoted to vignettes of other people with whom he had extensive contact: Eisenhower, Patton, Hap Arnold, Doolittle, Spaatz, MacArthur, Churchill, Bradley, and later, Allen Dulles of CIA, and President John F. Kennedy.

Cabell spices his tale with stories of his family, starting with his grandfather, William L Cabell, who was a general in the Confederate Army. Although not mentioned in the book, Cabell’s brother, the Hon. Earle Cabell, was mayor of Dallas at the time of the Kennedy assassination. Oliver Stone tried to make something out of all this in his movie “JFK.” Read the book and decide for yourself whether Cabell’s character would have allowed him to be a party to such an extreme act.

Chapter Headings – ** Hap Arnold’s Advisory Council ** Off to War ** Mediterranean Theater of Operations ** Post War ** AF Intelligence; Joint Chiefs of Staff **CIA (through U-2) ** CIA (through Bay of Pigs)

ISBN 1-893180-02-6, Copyright 1997 – $49.95. 400 pages, hard cover with dust jacket.

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