A Fresh Look at God

A Fresh Look at God cover

This book describes the spiritual journey of the author as he tries to reconcile the confusing picture of God derived from traditional sources with what reason suggests God must really be like. He makes the case for a God that is more “parental” than judgmental, more loving than angry, more personal than remote, and more understandable than mysterious. The book definitely challenges many conventional and orthodox Christian beliefs. But the result is some new thoughts about the “will” of God, some “limitations” of God, the definition of sin, how to “pray” to God, the afterlife, and how to read the Bible. The author sets up a framework for a lifelong (and hereafter) relationship with God that has real meaning in the modern world.

Chapter Headings: Did Anyone Make Us ** God as “Our Parent” ** “Our Parent” as the “Good Parent” ** “What Our Parent wants from Us ** Some “Limitations” of our Parent ** Sin as Obstacle to Development ** Afterlife: Reward and Punishment ** How to Read the Bible – ISBN 1-893180-01-8 Copyright 1997 – $14.95 – 88 pages, soft cover, “perfect” bound.

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