The April Impavide Blog

Jurgen the Pawnbroker and Other Plays shown on my publications page contains four plays. Two of the plays (Diabolus ex Machina and A Priest, a Rabbi and a Horse . . .) were featured in Thespiana 2016 (several references on Google) at the Cottonwood Center for the Arts in Colorado Springs in February. These are now posted on youtube:

1. Diabolus ex Machina (about one hour)

2. A Priest, a Rabbi and a Horse . . . (about 12 minutes)        


Several comments:

  • These are play “readings,” not full-blown treatments with sets, costumes and the like. The actors, dressed in black, are seated in front of music stands not so much “reading” but “performing” their lines. But it is interesting how little you miss from a full-blown version if the actors are good enough (and they are, in this case). With just a little imagination you will be right in the play.
  • I don’t sound like me—that is, the old me. I suffer with dysphonia, caused by the bowing of one of my vocal folds. At the end of May a plastic wedge will be inserted into my throat (thyroplasty) to correct this. Hope it works. I am tired of sounding like Mickey Mouse.
  • There is more than a bit of background noise caused by the heating/air-conditioning system that makes the actors hard to hear/understand at times. If anyone is interested, I can post the written version of these plays at a later time.
  • Lighting (and sound) is not ideal. Our video recording engineer, John Gaudio (J. Gaudio Company, Denver, CO) did a masterful job given the circumstances of the venue. We hope to do better next time.
  • A suggestion: A Priest . . . is shorter and the recording came out a bit better. I suggest you start there (plus you postpone my Mickey Mouse intro).
  • We had only three empty seats in the two performances and we had a lot of fun besides, so look for a new-and-improved Thespiana 2017 next February.

Coming up: The book of plays is about to get expanded into a second volume. I have written two more plays since publication and I have two more bouncing around in my head. Something Like a Star is a short play about a group of advanced-placement high-schoolers dissecting the Robert Frost poem, Choose Something Like a Star. I believe it will both enlighten and amuse you. Come Here Often is about a guardian angel and a devil struggling to influence the behavior of the niece of a Catholic cardinal with surprising results.

Stay tuned.

Chuck Cabell

April, 2016