It couldn’t be happening to me, I thought; but it was.

Despite many years of Catholic education (8 years of parochial grammar school; 4 years of high school; 1 year of college) and many more years of faithful attendance at weekly (and at times even daily) mass. I found myself in church one Sunday wondering why I was there. Really, why was I there? I was finally facing up to the facts that: 1) I had serious doubts about many aspects of the religion I had embraced for the first 61 years of my life; and 2) that I had to deal with those doubts before I could go on.

The cowardly way out would have been to just keep going through the motions, continuing to allow the rituals of the Church to act as a substitute for real thought. Stand up, kneel down, recite the Our Father and Hail Mary, perform the programmed sequence of the Mass, sing Hymn 234, participate in the sacraments. But I suddenly couldn’t do that anymore. My brain was now engaged and I couldn’t turn it off.

The lazy way out (for me, at least) would have been to slide into agnosticism. To give up, citing the excuse that mans’ poor brains cannot cope with the immensity of the Almighty. Tempting, but I did not want to give up without a fight.

The problem was that the major questions of life–Where do we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going?—were still nagging me. So, poor brain or not, I decided to start with a fresh piece of paper and try to answer these questions for myself. Oh, I looked at traditional sources (Old Testament; New Testament; other Church and non-Church writings) but with a very critical eye. I did not set out to write a book, but only to write down for myself in a hyper-logical step-by-step sequence what I could believe. It turned into a book, A Fresh Look at God, when I learned that I was not alone. Many people were dealing with the same issues.

But who am I anyway and why should you read my book? I am not a trained theologian and I claim to have no special relationship with any sort of deity. Nor am I trying to sell some sort of New-Age religion intended to make me very rich. I wrote the book for me and it has set me free. If you have gotten this far in my summary, it may be because you are experiencing some of the same doubts about your own long-held beliefs. Reading my book may give you some fresh ideas of your own. Some of my readers have said that my little book gave them “permission” to think along different lines and they were grateful for that.

“Where do we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going?” I now believe I know and have expressed rather explicitly. If you read my book, perhaps you will agree with me. Or perhaps not; but if I have laid out my ideas well enough you will know where, how and why we differ. That, I believe, should be worth something.

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